Stone Industry
  • Not Everything Is Made in China

    China's Imports SoarChina's imports have doubled since 2007 and more than tripled since 2004, growing at a rate that is at least twice as fast as imports worldwide each year, according to the United Nations' Comtrade Database. With its ro...
  • China posts rare trade deficit in February as imports gallop

    China produced a rare trade deficit in in February after imports galloped, official data showed Wednesday.Exports fell 1.3 percent from a year earlier in February against a Reuters analyst poll predicting a 12.3 percent rise, but imports soared 38.1 ...
  • Engineered stone : If not quartz, then what?

    Engineered quartz has been good to the stone processing market. It has undoubtedly given the sector a larger share of the kitchen worktop market than it could have achieved with natural granite alone. And, given that success, it is not surprising tha...
  • Stone in interiors : And the winner is… the client

    The stone industry has adopted man-made products just as the tile industry has encompassed natural stone. The winner has been the client, as this month’s tile awards (being presented on 14 May) show.Projects shortlisted for the Tile Awards, being pre...
  • Report: Wholesalers

    Engineered quartz has given stone processors and the wholesalers that supply them twice the share of the kitchen worktop market that granite alone could have delivered. But we could already have reached peak quartz and the sector is greedy for new pr...
  • Hard Landscaping: The rising price of imports

    Landscape architects seem to be taking a second look at British stone. Lifetime costing helps in the selection of any stone for hard landscaping and just possibly environmental concerns are encouraging specifiers to try to reduce the encapsulated car...
  • Building with stone: Materials of choice

    Everyone enjoys stone, although not everyone is aware of it. It represents safety; protection; home. So says geologist, surveyor and stone consultant Barry Hunt as he introduces a series exploring the main categories of natural stone used in construc...
  • Are granite countertops on their way out?

    During a recent trip to Israel, my group stopped in Caesarea. Visitors head to this upscale town north of Tel Aviv to visit Caesarea National Park, which is home to spectacular Ottoman and Crusader ruins, plus a Roman aqueduct and theater. That's...
  • The difficulties in front of Fujian granite exportation

    Fujian granite products export was set to decline 10-15 percent for 2013, as a large number of granite quarries and processing units have been shut due to the shortage of granite block.In early 2009, G603 quarry in Jinjiang was the first which was cl...
  • News in our main market Turkmenistan

    The Olympic City Project is set to be completed before the 2017 Asian Indoor and Martial Art Games. Turkmenistan will be the first country in Central Asia to host the games.One leading Turkish construction firm in Turkmenistan, has received authoriza...

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